Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS

Health & Nutrition Specialist
Homeopathic Practitioner
Medical Intuitive & Healer
Author & Educator
CEO, Riva’s Remedies

Health Solutions You Deserve!

Are you frustrated about having to accept poor health and unwellness?

Have you been told that nothing more can be done? What that really means is that your health care practitioner doesn’t have any more drugs or surgery available for your condition. And that their area of expertise is too narrow to identify the true and underlying cause of your condition (which is not a drug deficiency by the way). I consider diet, therapeutic nutrition, natural medicines, emotional healing and a healthy lifestyle mainstream; drugs and surgery in my practice are the alternatives.

Are you confused about why your health isn’t improving?

The most important part of my job is to determine whether your issues are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or a combination thereof. From there the required appropriate health program or energy healing is implemented.

Have you “tried everything”, but nothing works?

It may feel like you have tried everything, but the fact is that what you have tried is only a small fraction of what is available to you. And what you have tried is not specifically what your mind-body-spirit is asking for to restore your health and well-being. Stop guessing and start a program that is customized and works for you (and not what might work for other people.) See The Marijke Method for more information.

Are you still looking for that deeper connection to your spirit and your higher self?

You can’t meditate your way there unfortunately, although meditation is an important part of mental and spiritual wellness. The way to our Essential Selves and alignment to Spirit is through psychological work which then leads to spiritual realizations, not the other way around. I have met many people who have spent too many years seeking peace. We must peel off the layers of personality aspects first to reveal the light.

Do you find that after attending Healing Retreats and Events your life just goes back to normal again?

I have been a healer for over 25 years and have helped guide tens of thousands of people and their animals to improved physical, emotional and spiritual health. Health and healing is my “calling”. I love facilitating Retreats, Webinars and Healing Journeys that create major life shifts, lasting results and increased personal joy and happiness.

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Health Consultations – people and animals
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Healing Retreats
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“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you are part of my life and my family’s life. You have brought sanity to a sometimes insane existence. Your gift and your hard work have changed our lives and I know it has changed many others as well.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  –  Stephanie A. (B.C.)

“I think a lot of people are searching for healing in this world. I would like to let them know that we can heal and clear toxic patterns. This retreat helped me delete traumas from the past and set me on a new life path. Marijke is an amazing caring person, I truly am blessed to have participated in this course with her.” – Cindy T.

“Marijke’s Healing Spirit awakens the essence
that resides within each one of us

– human or animal – the heart of which connects
and aligns us with the greater spirit that heals all.”