Antibiotics or Natural Medicine?

Healing People

Healing People

Despite the fact that we are regularly bombarded with reports on the over-use and abuse of antibiotics for both animals and people, no one seems to be taking any action to reduce the number of prescriptions, prescriptions which are incorrectly prescribed and/or unnecessary causing a host of side-effects as well as a number of problems within the microbiological eco-system.

  • Numerous strains of bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics.
  • Many of these strains have become “super-bugs” against which antibiotics have no effect thus causing fatal infectious diseases.
  • Antibiotics kill off friendly bacteria seriously disrupting the intestinal eco-system which is vital to efficient digestion and a healthy immune system.
  • The use of antibiotics in the animals that you eat is literally a thousand times more than human use and is largely unregulated. The drugs are not only used to prevent and treat infections but are also used as growth promoters.

So with so much negative press why doesn’t your doctor stop prescribing antibiotics for every ailment you come in the door with? Most obviously of course, is because your doctor is not trained in practicing any other medicine aside from prescribing pharmaceuticals. And even if they have studied other treatment modalities such as diet, nutrition, herbs and homeopathy they honestly have no way of predicting which remedy is going to be the most effective for which patient: Echinacea does not work for all colds, homeopathic Arnica does not work for all inflammations and calcium supplementation does not work for all cases of bone loss. In fact, determining the most effective treatment for each individual patient is the hardest part of any practitioner’s job whether they are a medical doctor, nutritionist, homeopathic practitioner, herbalist or naturopath. Mostly we all have to rely on past documentation, research, clinical experience and client-patient testimonials.

But we can do better:

Over twenty years of practice I have developed an accurate and effective way of determining the effective remedies and treatments for all people, no matter the health condition. It is based on identifying the underlying cause of people’s health problems and then formulating an effective and individual diet program, finding the exact nutrient deficiencies affecting the condition and determining the most beneficial herbs, supplements and remedies. The technique is called “The Marijke Method” and it is based on a solid foundation of natural medicine, nutritional science, quantum physics and a unique system of kinesiology, i.e. muscle testing. It works!