Shaman Definition

IncenseThe Shaman or Energy Healer is “the one who knows” and is defined as “one who walks between the worlds”. These worlds are identified as the invisible world with different levels, planes or dimensions of existence on different levels or wave lengths. Tribal shamans refer to these dimensions as the Lower World, the Middle World and the Upper World. The Shamanic Healing tradition is very closely related to modern and cutting edge psychology in that we all realize that every experience and trauma we go through is recorded in our light body or energy field until it is healed, resolved and released. However, the Shamanic healing practices are distinctly difference and are accomplished though different healing techniques, methods and/or ceremonies.

Marijke has extensive experience facilitating retreats and offers a variety of Healing Retreats both on her land at Riva’s Ranch and at other retreat locations. She offers retreats in Shamanic Healing Practices, Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Medical Intuition, Group Healings, Meditation, DNA Healings, Animal Communication, Healing With Horses, Fire Ceremonies and Drumming Circles.