Healing With Sand Paintings

Earth Painting Speaks to Our Spirits

Sand paintings have been used in tribal communities for centuries. Many times, including Marijke’s Healing Retreats, the design is created on the ground with sticks, stones and objects from nature. Sand painting creations are intended to communicate with our spirits through the sub-conscious and the higher self. These other levels of consciousness have no understanding of vocabulary, but they do understand figures, pictures and images which make the sand paintings very powerful.

Then, the design is re-drawn to shift the energies and our deeper selves respond by changing our patterns and directions and altering ill health.

For example, you or I can create an image of an ailing heart on Mother Earth’s ground layer and then channel in the healing energy from above and below the Earth. After it has time to process or “cook” we then re-design it to create a visual of the new and healthy image of the healed heart. The energy is then downloaded to the body where the physical, mental and/or emotional energies that have been depressing the heart function will shift into healthier patterns.