Past Lives vs Whole Lives

Holding the Hologram

For those of you who have attended any one of my hundreds of healing classes you may recall that I never use the words “past lives”. Why is this? It is because the past is not possible. In the great expanse of the universe there is no straight line from point A to point B where time can be measured. Time is an arbitrary concept invented by people that is used here on Earth in a 3-dimensional reality so that we can make sense of our activities in a very physical incarnation.

Our true reality is completely timeless. Even Einstein commented that “the dividing line between the past, present, and future is an illusion”. The universe will carry on whether we measure it with a clock or not!

The universe is actually one “whole” hologram in a timeless sea of consciousness. Residing here are all of the events, traumas and experiences that happened in the evolution of your soul. This makes it possible to experience instantaneous healings in the here and now. There is no need to pull anything out of the “past” because it doesn’t exist and you won’t find it there. There is only one “whole” – you and the universe are one and the same.

The Healing Retreats create this hologram by opening and holding sacred space right inside the soul of the universe itself. This is whereall miracles are not only possible, but expected.