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Back to Health…by Lisa MacDonald

Lisa MacDonald

Lisa MacDonald

I was at a time in my life where I was diagnosed with several painful diseases – SLE Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, B27 Negative Spondyloarthritis and Fibromyalgia! I was beginning to worry that all of these would seriously affect my health on every level – physical, emotion and spiritual.  I had been on approximately thirty different types of prescription drugs for four years that unfortunately never assisted me with my health concerns and only caused me to have additional ones due to their side effects.

When I had my first meeting with Marijke I was in serious trouble with my health as new medications that I had just tried had changed the cells in my bladder and my cervix and both the gynecologist and urologist prepared me for what they felt was happening to my cellular structure. I had been on a new biological drug which alters your cellular structure and suppresses your immune system in hopes that the diseases would show improvement. Instead I developed cancerous cells.

At my first appointment I explained to Marijke that I felt like I was a toxic waste dump and that my body had reacted in a negative way to all of the conventional medications; I was having a hard time accepting that. It was hard for me to believe that in order to get some quality of life back I had to take the risk of developing cancerous cell changes, have serious complications or die from a virus from my seriously depressed immune system.  Marijke was very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable when I was trying to explain to her how I was feeling and what had occurred to me over the last four years including my newest fear of having possible cancer in both my cervix and my bladder. At the end of our appointment we discussed how to re-build my immune system by eliminating certain foods from my diet and she explained it to me in great detail. She said that if I followed her dietary suggestions along with the prescribed herbs and vitamins that it would make a huge difference in my health and in my life. And it did!

Over the last two years I have seen Marijke on average every two to three months and have stayed true to my diet changes. The diet often changes over the weeks as do the supplements that she prescribes. To date I am now off all the medications except for the occasional pain medication when my body flares – this is my reminder that I need to make an appointment to see her again for a “tune up”, which is how I now refer to my appointments . My cell changes, both in my cervix and bladder, were gone within two months of my first biopsies. Both the urologist and gynecologist continued to take biopsies every three to six months as they could not believe that the cellular changes had just disappeared. They have now just recently released me from their care.

My rheumatologist is confused as to the improvement that I have experienced with no assistance of prescribed medications. I continue with my follow-ups with him as he states that I was one of his most complex patients and he isn’t convinced of the natural way.

My experience with Marijke has been very healing for me not just in the physical and emotional well-being but spiritually as well. She has guided me to a place where I no longer doubt my intuition nor my own body in what it is trying to tell me. Marijke has helped me through very challenging times with my health and I am very thankful of how she supports me and others through their journey to become healthy again.

Lisa MacDonald
Salmon Arm, B.C.
February 2014