Home & Land Cleansings

negengMany people are concerned that their homes, buildings and/or their land are affected or influenced by negative energies, tribal events, previous traumas or tragedies, curses, or other kinds of “psychic dirt”. Marijke is able to assess the exact cause of the disturbances and can then clear the energies by cleansing the property, by healing the past, by moving entities or poltergeists to the light, and/or by working with the people who live there. Current residents can bring negative energies or unresolved traumas with them to the home or can also be attracted to the land because of the negative energies.

Fee: Costs vary from $300 – $500 plus travel expense. Land and home clearings can take anywhere from 3-5 hours and may include healings on people, animals or entities; fire ceremonies and/or other shamanic practices.