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Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS

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The 10 Keeps

1. Keep connected to Source
2. Keep increasing your intuition
3. Keep on your healing journey
4. Keep learning new techniques
5. Keep meeting like-minded souls
6. Keep up your support network
7. Keep your life balanced
8. Keep your energy light
9. Keep the peace in your life
10. Keep attracting an abundance of love, health and money

About the Webinars

Every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00 pm for 6 sessions
Starting September 20, 2017 to November 29, 2017

 The webinars consist of 1-1/2 to 2 hour group sessions which help identify and resolve a number of personal behavioural patterns which keep us stuck in undesirable situations. Sessions include guided meditations, energy clearings and healings, breathing exercises, music, special journeys and profound personal insights. We will also enjoy group Q & A’s, group interactions, home exercises and the power of like-minded individuals simultaneously setting intentions to accelerate enlightenment.

*Note: No worries if you have to miss a live session – all webinars will be recorded and made available to you shortly after.

2017 Schedule

1.Count Yourself In
Session One – September 20th

Are you a Golden Retriever whose job it is to make everyone else happy?
Do you have a hard time saying no?
Do you spend more time helping others than helping yourself?
Do you see yourself as equal to everyone else?
Are you more comfortable giving than receiving?

Session One will help you break up the patterns that are blocking you from receiving what you want, having your needs met and achieving personal happiness. Build your confidence and know your true self-worth. Change your energy and open your third/solar chakra so that people in your life start giving and you start receiving.

 2. Trust Your Intuition (and Become a Decision Maker)
Session Two – October 04th

 In Session Two you will not only increase your intuitive abilities but you will learn to trust your gut instincts, your decisions and your life directions. We will open up all of your intuitive channels, work on “clear-seeing”, insert a crystal ball into your 3rd eye and keep you connected to Source 24/7. You will have the ability to understand something immediately without taking the time to process it consciously. Remove your blocks to clarity and learn to see and hear the truth in all things.

 3. Find Your Essential Self
Session Three – October 18th

Where is your essential self and why is it hidden? When we discover our true selves, aka our individual soul we are finally able to reveal our true identity. We can then drop our egocentric core and our false ego self and switch to the real self which is concentric -meaning that all people share the same centre. Learn to identify all of the blocks and remove the false belief systems that stop you from being you and shining in your own beauty and authenticity. Once we come from our own point of light we no longer need to seek approval outside of ourselves, take on other people’s identity and/or feel desperate for love.

 4. Open the Heart
Session Four – November 01st

There are multiple events and experiences which clog up the heart chakra including grief, anger, sadness, loss, fear and trauma. When the heart is closed our lives become unbalanced and all of our relationships will be difficult and lacking warmth. Hurt feelings from your past or present can either be held inside or let go. Holding onto hurt damages the heart with toxic feelings. Letting go seems harder at the time but is actually easier. The heart chakra is closely aligned to the second or sacral chakra which is the personal relationship centre. An open heart is compassionate, loving and fair; those with an open heart experience rich and rewarding lives. This course will identify the traumas stored in the heart, clear the debris and initiate the flow of energetic forces to keep the heart purified.

5. Find Your Purpose
Session Five – November 15th

 So many people know that they have been brought into this incarnation for an important reason or a higher purpose to give their lives meaning. Not knowing what your purpose is can leave you feeling lost or floundering. Your purpose may not be what you think it is but it is always closely related to your natural talents and the information as found in the 10th Chakra – the Soul Star just above your head. In this session we will access the Akashic Records and literally search your history for meaning and information that you can apply to this world.

6. Set Your Intentions
Session Six – November 29th

In all of my experience in doing healing events I have observed that the hardest thing for many people to do is to set intentions. Everyone knows what they don’t want but few know what it is that they really do want. And until we turn a negative into a positive situations don’t change and the Law of Attraction will prevail. Without intentions our lives can only be chaotic – a ship without a rudder, a balloon without a string. We will learn how to not only set intentions but do so on a regular basis so that we can be in control of our lives. Action follows thought! It’s law…

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