The Marijke Method™

The Marijke Method™ is a technique developed for healing people and animals through nutrition, natural medicines and vibrational remedies. It evaluates health status, assesses body organ function and identifies the underlying cause of all health problems. From there the method is used to formulate a comprehensive health program that addresses specific health issues and their imbalances. This technique was developed by Marijke from her highly successful natural health practice of over twenty years working with people and animals.

The Marijke Method™ is a four step method of energy testing (kinesiology) that works by muscle “testing” the electromagnetic energy field around organs, body systems, foods, nutrients and remedies. Kinesiology enables the practitioner to “track” the body systems and many of its functions – it identifies blocked energy fields, pinpoints specific problems and assesses the underlying cause. Kinesiology can be performed in the physical presence of the client or at a distance, known as remote testing. Remote testing is possible because all imbalances present themselves in the electromagnetic field, a field which is beyond space and time. Electromagnetic fields surround every part of the body including connective tissue, blood, the nervous system, the immune system and all other body organs. This field is a fundamental force of nature and is a unique “fingerprint” for every animal and every person.

The Marijke Method is based on a solid foundation of nutritional science, quantum physics, natural medicine and wisdom. It is a simple yet powerful healing technique that is effective, fun and it really works!  Thousands of clients have experienced improvements and positive results beyond what they ever imagined.  If you would like to learn more about The Marijke Method get a copy of Healing People: The Marijke Method.  It will change your life!

The Marijke Method has helped thousands of people and animals regain their health. For more information on kinesiology and healing read Healing People: The Marijke Method.