What Marijke’s Clients Say

“Thank you Marijke for sharing your incredible gift”.

“Marijke’s strong science background enhanced by her gift medical intuition makes her a unique healer”.

“…a knowledgeable and educated healer”

“I don’t understand how she does it, its magic really”.

“She reads me like a book”.

“I have worked with Marijke for over 2 decades; her insights have guided me through difficulties of which conventional medicine could only treat symptoms”.

“There are naturopaths and there are healers…and then there’s Marijke”.

“It’s amazing how in just a few minutes she knows where the problem is”.

“No matter what I come in with, every time I leave her office there is a major shift”.

“Marijke has an amazing and beautiful attitude – I feel better just being around her”.

“I always tell my friend that I believe in Marijke like I believe in God. And I mean it. I had been suffering from severe insomnia for almost a year. Marijke took a good look at me and said it was caused by my iron supplement. The next night I slept like a baby and have been ever since”.

I have started the program you put together for me and can really feel the difference. I did not realize just how scattered I was feeling until this helped me feel more clear headed. My vision seems to be clearer, I have more energy and am coping with work stress better, and I am really missing only toast with peanut butter in the morning so far. Although chicken and chocolate do haunt me at times lol. “

“Thought I would just give you a little update on how we are doing. For me yesterday I woke up happy with a sense of relief. Not sure if that’s the brain work or the family work or both. Lots of smiles and feeling grateful. I also have a sense of relief and clarity. (Here is what my husband said: It is like there are problems all around but I don’t own them. I can pick and choose which ones I want to deal with and solve. Plus I had the best sleep ever!) As always I am extremely grateful to have you in my life Marijke. You are one amazing lady with immense talent. Thank-you!”