Deepen Your Connection

To Heal Yourself & Your Animals

Do you ever get the feeling that there is a deeper connection out there for you?

Would you like to be more connected to animals, nature, and the spirit world?

Did you know that your animals can be your healers and your spirit guides?

One of the most common reasons that people take my courses

– live or online –

is because they want to strengthen their connection to Spirit

in order to heal their lives.

All animals have a deep connection to spirit

Animals live their lives from a higher place of consciousness and they have mastered the practice of unconditional love. Therefore, they serve as an amazing channel or conduit for your personal soul growth, including physical, emotional, and mental healings.

Horses, dogs, cats, as well as wildlife, are communicating knowledge and wisdom to us like never before. Our beloved pets know that so many of us are finally ready to listen and heal.

Animals are healers

By taking my courses, classes, and healing retreats you will not only learn how to build meaningful relationships with your animals, but you will deepen your connection with the entire Animal Kingdom.

And, in turn, the animals will help you shift your vibes to live your dreams for better health, improved relationships, and increased happiness and joy.

Live Healing Events

Online Healing Courses

What People & Animals Say

“Thank you Marijke for sharing your incredible gift.”

– Cynthia A. (Vancouver, B.C.)

“Marijke‘s approach is intuitive and innovative, but firmly grounded in science and research. What a powerful combination!”

– Amy-Jo S. (Armstrong, B.C.)

“All the natural remedies in the world wouldn’t mean a thing without a gifted healer to guide their appropriate uses.”

– Susan A. (Wisconsin)

“It’s so refreshing to have someone as compassionate as Marijke work on the cause of your pet’s health problems and not the symptoms. Through her unique method of kinesiology and her amazing abilities and experience as a healer, intuitive, nutrition specialist and homeopath you can be guaranteed a holistic approach. Marijke’s work is by far the best, she is the real deal!”

– Kim R. (Revelstoke, B.C.)

“I don’t understand how she does it, its magic really”.

– Jack E. (Vancouver, B.C.)

“In the more than seventeen years that I’ve known and worked with Marijke, I’ve found her understanding of my animals’ health to be holistic, intuitive, astute and accurate 100% of the time. Our animals have never been chemically dewormed, vaccinated or otherwise treated with chemicals or other synthesized products. They have only been treated with Marijke’s carefully considered adjustments to diet and occasionally with supplements. They are a very happy and healthy crew. Even into their sunset years our animals have maintained good health, agility and happiness. Thanks to Marijke!”

– S.H. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

“It’s amazing how in just a few minutes she knows where the problem is. No matter what I come in with, every time I leave her office there is a major shift”.

– C.H. (Vancouver, B.C.)

“I always tell my friend that I believe in Marijke like I believe in God. And I mean it. I had been suffering from severe insomnia for almost a year. Marijke took a good look at me and said it was caused by my iron supplement. The next night I slept like a baby and have been ever since”.

– M. B. (Vernon, B.C.)

“I have started the program you put together for me and can really feel the difference. I did not realize just how scattered I was feeling until this helped me feel more clear headed. My vision seems to be clearer, I have more energy and am coping with work stress better, and I am really missing only toast with peanut butter in the morning so far. Although chicken and chocolate do haunt me at times lol.”

– A.A. (Calgary, Alberta)

“Thought I would just give you a little update on how we are doing. For me yesterday I woke up happy with a sense of relief. Not sure if that’s the brain work or the family work or both. Lots of smiles and feeling grateful. I also have a sense of relief and clarity. (Here is what my husband said: It is like there are problems all around but I don’t own them. I can pick and choose which ones I want to deal with and solve. Plus I had the best sleep ever!) As always I am extremely grateful to have you in my life Marijke. You are one amazing lady with immense talent. Thank-you!”

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