Animal Communication Workshop

Have you always wondered if animals think like we do? Or if they feel the same emotions as we do? Or if they could speak to you, what would they want to say?

Our pets are tremendous healers and they have a vast spiritual awareness just waiting to be tapped into. They desperately want to help you connect with them so they can enlighten you, guide your direction, and bring you more joy.

Animals hold the key to a lot of the answers we are looking for and they LOVE helping their special people by sharing their insights, wisdom and guidance.

Whether you realize it or not, your animals know you better than you think…probably better than anyone else in your life. They feel your emotions, your struggles and your stress…without judgement.

They know why you are feeling the way you are, how you got to this place in your journey, and more importantly they know how to help you HEAL. All you need to do is listen…

If you are ready to recognize and change your unhealthy patterns, get a fresh perspective and create a new future for yourself, join me and our beautiful animals for a MAGICAL day of connection, communication and healing.

You will leave with deeper insights, personal healings, and a profound relationship with your four-legged loved ones.

Heal your animals, heal yourself, journey with your power animals and connect with the greater force that links us all together. An amazing and fascinating day that will change your life! See you there!

“I had no idea that I was coming here to heal me! I thought I was just going to talk to my animals!”


E.S. (Salmon Arm, B.C.)

“I had no idea how profound our relationships with animals really are.”

G.B. (Vancouver, B.C.)

“I was amazed by the results of the day – you managed to get me to get me to communicate when I didn’t think I could. What an incredible day!”

L.B. (Calgary, Alberta)

“Thank you for taking the time to share your gifts, Marijke. I really enjoyed it!”

S.L. (Kelowna, B.C.)

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