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Healing People – The Marijke Method

Healing People – The Marijke Method $24.95

Soft cover, 176 pp Sapphire Publishing 11 November 2011

“Create Your Own Health Program”

Are you suffering from chronic or challenging health problems?

Have you been trying to feel better forever?

Would you like to know which diet works for you – what, why and for how long?

Would you like to know what foods are causing your symptoms?

Are you plagued with multiple food allergies and/or intolerances?

Would you like to know which body organs and systems need help?

Would you like to be able to identify your nutrient deficiencies?

Are your emotions affecting your physical health?

Are you confused as to which remedies, herbs and supplements to take?

Would you like to be well and stay well?

Healing People: The Marijke Method™ is an information packed and user-friendly read which breaks away from tradition and convention to give people the real and common sense facts on the relationship between nutrition and disease. It includes chapters on comprehensive nutrition information, body function, treatment of food allergies and intolerances, diets and cleanses, the practice of kinesiology, emotional influences, and a reference guide for a variety of health conditions with nutrition and natural medicine.

In her usual thorough style, Marijke has written a cutting edge and practical guide to clear up the confusion and improve your health. Based on a solid foundation of nutritional science, quantum physics and natural medicine she has blended her vast knowledge of health and healing with medical intuition and deep wisdom to help you easily recognize the real and underlying cause of all health problems. After years of extensive experience, and thousands of success cases she developed The Marijke Method™, a specialized kinesiology technique that shows the reader how to identify their problems and then correct them with a personal health program. The Marijke Method can be used by anyone and for anyone.

Healing People: The Marijke Method is written with a perfect blend of science and natural medicine. Combining knowledge, common-sense and medical intuition, ‘Healing People’ is a practical and user-friendly guide that really works! The Marijke Method has already helped thousands of people regain their health. Use Healing People: The Marijke Method as an incredible reference guide for yourself, your family and your friends.

What readers say:

“Hi Marijke – Just wanted to thank you for the book Healing People: The Marijke Method. I’m on page 55 and after I have read to the end, I will read it again. The information is great and so easy to understand. Thanks Again”

“I wanted to tell you that after seeing you for the second time my triglycerides went down, my liver function is better and my neuritis disappeared – none of which the doctors were having any success with.”

“It’s amazing how in just a few minutes Marijke knows where the problem is. It’s like magic.”


This is the book I said I would never write. Life as a healer had taken me in many different career directions – teaching seminars, facilitating retreats, formulating products, writing my first book, writing articles for various publications, and maintaining my healing practice. I had no idea how I was going to stop the world to write another book. Patients, clients, customers and friends alike frequently asked if this book would ever be written – especially after I just published a successful book on equine nutrition and natural healing. “Healing Horses Their Way” was first published in 2008 and followed by a second edition in 2012. Naturally, the expectation was that human nutrition and healing would be my next book project…and so it was…because I had to. I owed it to my people.

Healing People

Healing People

I did not, at first, plan to write a book on diet and therapeutic nutrition. What I did feel compelled to do was to write a book on helping people heal with kinesiology – a method of energy testing that uses muscle strength tests to identify health imbalances and to formulate health programs. After over two decades of private practice working with both people and animals, I had developed a unique and specialized method of energy testing for formulating comprehensive and successful health programs for many health conditions. This became known as “The Marijke Method™” and I was eager to empower people to create their own health programs. Writing a book was the only way that I could make this technique available to thousands of people and to anyone who needed it.

The Marijke MethodTM is a simple yet powerful healing technique which bridges the art of kinesiology with the science of nutrition and natural medicine. It is based on knowledge, clinical experience, medical intuition and a passion to heal. It takes the guesswork out of the health equation and replaces it with insight, awareness and strategies for recovery. It is practical and effective and really fun!

However, two chapters into the first draft I realized that I could not effectively teach this method without the reader or student establishing a basic foundation of knowledge in the effects of diet and nutrition on disease. Knowledge and understanding is always the basis for a commitment to permanent change. So there it was – my user-friendly handbook on kinesiology surrendered itself to include extensive information on nutrition and its impact on health and disease.

I started out by making solid statements about nutrition and health, but as the book progressed I discovered that I had a new soapbox from where I could gleefully deliver my passionate and vehement assertion that food not only causes most diseases but is also capable of healing them. I repeatedly refuted the commonly held belief system in mainstream medicine that disease is a random event over which we have no control and that we are helpless victims swallowed up by the giant wheel of modern high-tech medicine.  And I reminded readers that the very diseases that high-tech medicine promises to fix have mostly been caused by the same high-tech world that invented the high-tech medicine in the first place.

This is the book I really, really needed to write. It is my gift to the thousands of people who have entrusted me with their health care over so many years and the many who continue to do so today. It is all of you who are my true teachers. Thank you for reading this healing book on your journey to spectacular health and great wellness…

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Healing Horses: Their Way!

Healing Horses: Their Way!

Healing Horses: Their Way! (2nd Edition)

soft cover, 142 pp Sapphire Publishing 02 April 2012

“Every Horse Needs Their Owner to Read this Book”

Marijke van de Water has written an extraordinary horse health book based on two decades of experience as a gifted and compassionate health practitioner. This book is an incredible wealth of information on health, nutrition and healing written on a solid foundation of science, clinical practice, wisdom, knowledge, and intuition.  Marijke has years of success with thousands of horses, many of whom were considered untreatable. Nothing is missed in this book – it is comprehensive, thorough and contains cutting edge material on diet, feed and therapeutic nutrition. It is easy to read, easy to understand and written with exceptional clarity.

Learn about successful treatment programs for colic, cribbing, digestive problems, parasites, weight loss, weight gain, leaky gut, skin conditions, insect sensitivities, allergies, heaves, head shaking, hormonal and endocrine imbalances, anxiety, fatigue, and immune problems. There is extensive information on Marijke’s expertise with laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome including insulin resistance, EPSM and Cushing ’s syndrome. The reference chapter on Natural Treatment Programs is a user-friendly and thorough guide which you will refer to many times over.

This 2nd edition is up-dated with new information, current nutritional knowledge, organ function and physiology, and much, much more. A new chapter outlines each specific organ and body system, their related health problems and the most common nutrient deficiencies. It also describes the most beneficial supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies used to correct imbalances.

What readers say:

“I tell everybody about you and I feel that anybody who owns a horse or runs a stable, needs to own your book. Thanks again for your knowledge. We truly appreciate it.”

“Marijke’s knowledge, her wisdom and her on-going quest to heal the horse is humbling.”

“Marijke is an astounding healer and educator with the distinct ability to communicate with the horse.”

“Marijke’s abilities as a medical intuitive are uncanny…her work is nothing short of remarkable – any animal or human under her care is very fortunate indeed!”

“You have plugged into that deeper level of healing that allopathic medicine doesn’t know about.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]