Cleanse Your Soul-Petite Roche

“Cleanse Your Soul by the Seaside”
An All-Inclusive Healing Retreat
On The Bay of Chaleur (New Brunswick)
For 4 Full Summer Days!
Wednesday, August 23 – Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Rejuvenate Your Soul
on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Imagine standing on the balcony of your very own cottage as you look out over the sea, just steps away from the beach. You hear the sounds of the waves softly lapping against the sand, you can feel the ocean wind on your face and smell the salty summer air. Taking a deep breath you feel your soul expanding out to the universal sea. The horizons speak of timelessness and the vast expanse mirrors your own energy and calls to the spirit within you. She tells you that you are an infinite being and that you stand at the centre of all creation. And yes, you were called here – she beckoned to you; to cleanse, to transform and to re-discover yourself as your true essential self. The Atlantic Sea, in all her beauty, will flow through your soul and bathe it with all of her magnificent colours.


The Bay of Chaleur on the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect place to Cleanse Your Soul and raise your consciousness on your pathway to enlightenment. The Earth’s oceans are one of the most powerful healing forces in our universe.

In the little French village of Petit Rocher (meaning Small Rock) near Bathurst on the East Coast of New Brunswick you will be entranced with your spiritual experiences and your very own cottage space in a quiet seaside setting. The Bay of Chaleur means the “Bay of Warmth” and has been described as one of the “most beautiful bays in the world”. It is protected from the winds and has long inviting beaches caressed by the waves of the sea. It is surrounded by mountainous panoramas and red cliffs. Your seaside cottage will be at the Motel and Cottages L’Acadien By The Sea in the Village centre with direct access to the beach. And it is here in the pure sea air that you will remove all that separates you from a loving universe. The perfect soulful get-a-way.

Why Should You Be Here?

Are you ready to make profound positive changes? Do you feel your mind, body and soul searching for more? This is a journey of self-discovery and soul cleansing while immersed in the powerful healing energies of the sea. It is here where you will not only embrace an unknown state of relaxation but you will create a life-altering transformation to take home with you. Re-lease old patterns and shift into a more abundant, loving and connected way of living. Leave recharged and connected to your genuine essential self.

Meditate on the water, drum on the seashore, tribal dance on the Bay, take flight with your spirit seabird – it’s all there. You may even find your spirit bird on our field trip to the Bird Sanctuary at Caron’s Point. We will build medicine bundles, initiate life changes through sand paintings, journey with spirit, communicate intuitively with sea life, thoroughly cleanse our DNA, and retrieve our broken soul pieces. Four days of soul travel beyond the speed of light.

Join with like-minded seekers in sacred spaces and places to share the lessons learned and the journeys flown. Learn new ways of healing the soul, altering the subconscious and moving into enlightenment. Dance to the rhythms of your own soul with drumming and trance dancing.

“Take Flight with the Sea Birds”

“This was the spiritual growth that I was looking for. It truly was an incredible day – from journeying with the blue herons to experiencing the overwhelming healing energies in the room to offering my despacho to the apus (mountains) during the fire ceremony. I feel healed, enlightened and have a much deeper connection to spirit and my own soul. … L.W. (Victoria, B.C.)

On Friday evening we have been given permission to conduct our ultimate and powerful fire ceremony right there on the beach at dusk under the ocean starlight.

It is this ceremony where we create the energy to reach out to the cosmos, the spirit guides and the star people to help us on our journey.

“This was one of the most sacred events I have ever engaged in.” …M. R. (Victoria, B.C.)



The Phantom Ship

The Beautiful Bay of Chaleur is host to an unusual visual phenomenon. The “Fire Ship” is a ghostly apparition which has been seen by countless witnesses at several locations up and down the long, gray coastal stretch of Chaleur Bay. Legend has it that in the year 1500 a ruthless Portugese seafarer on his vessel, The Caravel, exploited and enslaved many members of the local Native Tribe (mk’kmaq). The next time the Caravel sailed into the Bay the Tribe took revenge by killing all of the sailors and burning down the ship. Will we see the famed Phantom Ship that haunts the shores?

What’s Special About This Retreat?

The location of Marijke’s transformational destination retreats are very carefully chosen to ensure that the energies are just right for our group. However, many times the spiritual guardians from particular areas will reach out to her in the spirit world for help in cleansing their sacred grounds. This was the case with both the Black Rock Resort Retreat in Ucluelet and the Halcyon Hot Springs Retreat. Marijke never knows where she will be asked to go next to set up a major healing event, so imagine her surprise when she was asked to come all the way from B.C. out to the Bay of Chaleur near Bathurst, a place she had never heard about ever before! Is it to help the ghosts of the Phantom Ship? We don’t know yet and we won’t know until we are conducting the Retreat. What we do know is that all of you will be participating in this fascinating event will play an important role in not only healing yourself but in also in helping to heal the land, the sea and the people on the New Brunswick Coastline.

“Spirit Calls”

By Cleansing and Nurturing Your Soul You Will…

  • Strengthen your connection to Source and to your Higher Self so that your life is in synchronicity and in alignment with all that you do.
  • Take control of your destiny and move your life from a path of random events to a road of clear intentions.
  • Open up space in your chakras to make room for new beginnings, new people, new experiences and a new life.
  • Experience profound personal healings that create instantaneous changes.
  • Change the way you view yourself, others and the world.

Who Should Come?

Everyone is welcome!

  • Anyone who would like to make a change in the direction of their lives.
  • Those who want to learn about who they really are and what their highest and deepest calling is.
  • Anyone who needs a soul cleanse to let in more light.
  • Spiritual seekers who wish to have a closer connection to Source and deepen their relationship to Higher Self.
  • Anyone who feels a spiritual connection with the sea.
  • Anyone who would love to visit the East Coast of Canada and experience the true spirit of the Atlantic Ocean (and a beach side lobster dinner).
  • Beginners who want a safe entry point into their first spiritual journey.
  • Health Practitioners of any therapy who would like to learn more or need time out to heal themselves. It is important that the healers heal.

“The work was simple with no trauma drama – rather it was a time of ease, grace, laughter and deep, deep healing.” 

… Geri M. (Vancouver, B.C.)

Your Retreat Facilitator

Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS
Health & Nutrition Specialist
Homeopathic Practitioner
Medical Intuitive & Healer
Shamanic Practitioner
Author & Educator

This Seaside Healing Retreat is facilitated by Marijke – she is a gifted and highly respected healer with 25 years of experience in private health practice, teaching workshops and seminars, and leading healing retreats. She is a caring and compassionate light-worker who has countless success cases to her credit. Her gift is to help people and animals find their way by rooting out the underlying cause of all unwellness – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. And her goal is to help make the world a more compassionate, kind and loving place. She is an author, an educator and a shaman with the distinct ability to see and feel beyond the physical and into the invisible worlds to identify those underlying energies, shadows, patterns, blocks and traumas that prevent us from fully living our lives.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you are part of my life and my family’s life. You have brought sanity to a sometimes insane existence. Your gift and your hard work have changed our lives and I know it has changed many others as well.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you…Stephanie A. (B.C.)

Read more: Marijke’s Bio

What to Expect

A safe, very supportive and non-judgemental space where everyone benefits from individualized personal journeys. Consider this your space where the energies are created perfectly for your individual experience at the seaside. Expect to become one with everything around you in a fun, positive and practical environment. True healing work must begin in the higher reaches of your consciousness and then manifest right here in your own reality.

You Won’t Have to Plan For Anything

Your lunches, suppers, accommodations and local rides are all done for you.
We will look after all of your details so that you can
focus on YOU and your soul healings.

You will experience your journey right there on the Atlantic Ocean where you can stroll or play on the beach and contemplate your thoughts. And, our retreat room is on the premises with windows that overlook the sea and plenty of space and sound for healing exercises and trance dancing. And, of course, a trip to the East Coast would not be complete if we didn’t include an evening lobster feast on the beach eating the world famous Atlantic lobster paired with a glass of the local wine.

If you have a free moment, take a walk to the village (pop. 2,000), stop at the shops, chat with the tourists, brush up on your French or visit the recreational park, the fishing wharf, the beaches and the picnic facilities.

Benefits for “Tribe” Members

After participating in a Retreat you will automatically become a Retreat Tribe member and be welcomed into the very active Shamanic Retreats Tribe Facebook page to meet like-minded people from around the world. By participating on the FB page you can continue your journey through conversations, Marijke’s regular and interactive posts, and spiritual exercises.

Tribe members will also be offered support programs and an opportunity to continue their healing journey after the event by registering for scheduled healing webinars with Marijke.

Getting Here

The Healing Retreat will be held in the Village of Petit Rocher, 30 km north of Bathurst on the East Coast of New Brunswick. You can either fly into Moncton or directly into Bathurst. Moncton is 250 km or a 2-1/2 hour drive to the Retreat Centre. If you fly into Moncton you can either rent a car or, if you wish to catch a bus to Bathurst we will be providing shuttle service from anywhere in Bathurst to our Retreat on both Wednesday morning, August 23rd and back to Bathurst on Sunday morning, August 26th. Rides will also be provided for any of our local field trips including the Bird Sanctuary.

Specific details and the itinerary will be included with your registration package.


Your seaside cottage will be at the Motel and Cottages L’Acadien By The Sea in the Village of Petit Rocher with direct access to the beach, plenty of picnic tables and a 5 minute walk to the Village. Each cottage has two bedrooms with one Queen Bed in each, a kitchenette (with fridge, stove and microwave) covered balconies and ocean view. The pictures say it all. Cottages are shared with another retreat participant, or, if you prefer a room to yourself, you may choose from a standard motel room for one person with either one or two beds.

So What’s Included?

Your One Time Registration Fee will include the following:

  • Four full days of healing exercises, cleansings, meditations, music, dance, drumming, animal communication, ceremonies and traditions for you to learn, enjoy and heal.
  • Individual attention and support on your soul journey.
  • Transportation to and from Bathurst.
  • Field Trips
  • Four nights accommodation (Wednesday night through to Sunday night) at the Motel and Cottages L’Acadien By The Sea.
  • Picnic lunches and 3 suppers.
  • A Saturday night wrap-up lobster feast – right on the beach.
  • Snacks and refreshments including water will be available at all times. All meals are wheat-free and dairy-free with vegetarian options available.

What Is Not Included

Your flights are not included. You must arrange for your own return transportation from home to the Moncton or Bathurst airport. If you choose to fly into Moncton you must arrange for your own return transportation to either Bathurst or directly to the Motel.

Breakfasts are not included but can be prepared in your cottage kitchen.

Retreat Registration Fees (taxes included)

Cottage shared with a retreat roommate (separate bedroom) = $2,295.00

Motel Room – single occupancy – 2 beds = $2,250.00

Motel room – Single Occupancy – 1 bed = $2,225.00

**Note: Prices include 5% GST

If you have always wanted to see the Atlantic Seaside and experience
her energy on a spiritually intimate level
then this is the trip for you!

The Retreat is a rare opportunity for your soul to
become one with the sea.
Take flight with the wings of the sea spirits
in a non-ordinary setting.

(New Brunswick Provincial Bird)

Chickadee – Represents cheerful and truthful expression. She can help you to awaken understanding and higher truth and can uncover the mysteries of the mind.

Purple Violet – A gentle and shy energy the purple violet is especially attuned to highly evolved and fragile souls. It assists with self-liberation, self-expression and self-worth.





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