Deepen Your Connection With Life Retreat


March 20-23, 2019

An Intuitive & Energy Healing
Destination Retreat with Marijke

Galiano Island Inn & Spa
An Oceanfront Boutique Resort in the Gulf Islands
Every room is oceanfront!

Wednesday, March 20th – Saturday, March 23rd, 2019
These dates are extraordinarily powerful!
Spring Solstice – March 20th @ 2:58 pm
Full (Sugar) Moon – March 20th @ 6:43 pm

~ March is a Time of Reincarnation, Fresh Starts, and Miracles ~

Children of the Light

Every living thing on Earth is made of light. A Light Body or Luminous Energy Field (LEF) surrounds our physical body and is made of light and vibration. It dwells outside of time but records all of our unhealed personal emotions, memories, traumas, and broken soul pieces, including the cultural and ancestral influences that our ancestors passed down to us through DNA. These records are known as “imprints” and they dictate all of the incidents, experiences, and people that we attract into our lives. Imprint information informs both our physical and emotional worlds and causes our bodies to memorize all of the negative emotions attached to them. Thus, imprints control our thoughts and our situations, and compel us to re-create the same diseases, the same painful dramas, and the same heartbreaking situations over and over again, without us even knowing why.

But we are all children of the light and there is a beautiful bright spirit inside of us all waiting to illuminate our lives and heal our wounds. And almost everyone is looking to shine this light as brightly as they can, for a bright spiritual light brings forth profound positive changes, self-discovery, soul cleansing, and much-needed relaxation. And, perhaps most importantly, the brighter the light the deeper the healing on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

And the one and only reason that our lights have been dimmed is that the burden of the traumatic imprints along with life’s challenges, routines, and unexpected events, have caused us to create a bucket full of survival emotions as this was the only tool we thought we had. And, it all happened while we weren’t looking. These low vibe emotions make it impossible to effectively connect to ourselves, other people, animals, nature, and Universal Love and Divine Light. Universal energies can only find us when we are happy.

BUT, once these negative imprints are dissolved and cleared, we can replace them with positive imprints and create a new and happier story that the Divine Light can find. You will shed the person that you no longer want to be, along with the life that you no longer want to live. And this Intuitive Healing Retreat will help you do just that!

You will heal and alter the blueprints of destiny and disease by clearing toxic patterns, shedding the past, releasing traumas, clearing karma, and changing the DNA codes.

Your New Self

By freeing yourself of the old memorized emotions, default reactions, traumas, and blockages within the imprints you will change the way you think and the things that you believe about yourself. And your new thoughts and new belief systems will open up your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy fields filling them with astounding insights and realizations.

Your light body will expand into a greater consciousness and you will align with the love and wisdom of your Higher Self. In order for the Universal Fountain of Divine Light to find us and co-create with us, we must raise up our vibes to a much higher level of joy and happiness. Once we hit this higher plane of consciousness and maintain it the outpouring of love, joy, and happiness is indescribable. And that’s where the magic starts to happen and dreams really do come true.

You will look forward to improved health, loving relationships, financial stability, more energy, and more time. You will make healthier decisions, and maintain a positive outlook toward life that will bring you more of the same. 

Hi Marijke – I had an amazing and empowering time with you and the retreat group – truly unforgettable. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak your truth in this world. Thank you again for a most incredible experience. You definitely rocked my world!       

…Val D. (Calgary, Alberta)

I highly recommend to all healers and animal and nature lovers that you participate in one of Marijke’s retreats or workshops. It is the rare person who has the gift of combining the science with the spiritual worlds the way Marijke does. I was honoured to be part of the ceremony and teachings and along the way re-awaken my own gifts. Best wishes from New Zealand. Ka kite ano (til we meet again) xox

Why Is This Retreat Unique?

With the understanding that we are all one Divine Light Marijke has developed a very unique approach to helping others heal within the Universal and Infinite Field of love and wisdom. You will deeply connect and communicate with ourselves, each other, nature, animals, the universe, and the loving forces that make it all possible. When we become one with everything around us and allow our consciousness to expand into the field the results are astounding. With intuitive clarity and a specialized program Marijke will help guide your journey to create miracles and bring the magic back into your life. This is known as co-creating and she will use three powerful steps to get you there.

Three Steps to Healing

  1. Connect to animals, wildlife, nature, your Higher Self and Divine Light by raising your vibration.
  2. Communicate with animals, wildlife, nature, your Higher Self, and Divine Light by opening up your heart.
  3. Heal yourself and others with the magical healing energies that you have awakened. Animals, wildlife, nature, your Higher Self, and Divine Light are powerful universal forces that open the gateway to the higher worlds.

“One of the signs that you are connecting with Source is when coincidence and synchronicities in your life start to increase. Why is this?

Because you are learning to surrender and open yourself up to forces that are greater than you. Divine Intelligence is hearing you and is more than happy to help you design your life.”   …Marijke


Experience the Magic

For four days during the Spring Solstice and the Full Moon this Intuitive and Energy Healing Retreat will create a profound sacred space that will hold you in the light, reveal to you all that is hidden, and transform your state of being and your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Let your dreams reflect your new reality.

Connect with nature, experience animal magic, journey with spirit, re-code your DNA, retrieve your broken soul pieces, and change your destiny. Experience powerful healing and clearing exercises, and take your intuitive skills to a whole new level where you will see the truth in all things.

Meditate on the beach, drum primal rhythms, take flight with your spirit bird, journey with your power animal, and communicate with all animals including wildlife. Travel through the other worlds with music and trance-dance and experience the incredible seaside fire ceremony right on the beach outside your room. As one participant said, “This is the most sacred event I have ever engaged in.”

Come Together Within A Healing Community

Healing Retreats are important. They not only give us our own personal healing space away from it all, but they also allow us to join in with like-minded seekers in sacred spaces and places. Together we will strengthen our healing energy to raise each other’s consciousness, as well as the collective consciousness for the benefit of all of global humanity. Never have we as a human race needed more help than we do now. We can share our lessons learned and the journeys flown with new friends as we effectively explore new ways of healing ourselves, each other, and the world.

Are you ready to make profound positive changes in a beautiful setting?


Make It All Happen Here

JOIN Marijke on the beautiful shores of Galiano Island on the Salish Sea. Imagine sitting on your terrace as you look out over the gardens to the Bay just steps away from your room. Watch the ferries and sailboats pass by, the whales cruise the waves, and eagles and seabirds soaring high above as they connect with your aura.

Breathe deeply knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that you are here to become one with the magic of the ocean, nature, wildlife, and Divine Source, the perfect setting for deep healing. You will align yourself with these higher frequencies and be shown profound and intimate ways of raising your vibration. By connecting with Mother Earth you are aligning yourself with one of the most powerful healing forces in our universe. Her love surpasses anything we can imagine.

The Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Resort

is the perfect place for a “raise our  consciousness” gathering. Guests say “you feel like you’ve been away for a week, and you’ve only been here for one day.” This Resort was divinely chosen by all of our spirit guides (yes they knew you were coming) as a sacred vortex within which we can heal all that needs to be healed.

Galiano Island has a rich and rare plant and wildlife population including otters, hummingbirds, owls, deer, eagles and numerous other sea birds since it is on a major flight path for migrating birds. Galiano is the driest Island in the gulf and sees more sunshine than most of coastal BC.


Who Should Come?

Everyone is welcome! No experience of any kind is necessary.

  • Anyone who feels stuck and would like to make a change in their lives.
  • Anyone who is long overdue for a spiritual getaway.
  • Anyone who has lost themselves, e.g. through relationships, family dynamics, religion, addictions, disease, etc.
  • Anyone wanting to take control of their destiny and move their life from a path of random events to a road of clear intentions.
  • Healers who need a healing.
  • Anyone who loves nature and animals.
  • Anyone seeking a deeper connection to all that is.
  • Anyone wanting to explore the other-world dimensions.
  • Anyone who believes in unlimited possibilities and potential.

Your Retreat Facilitator                     


Marijke is a gifted and highly respected empath and healer with over 25 years of experience in her own private natural health clinics serving both people and animals. She has taught hundreds of workshops and seminars, and loves to facilitate transformational healing retreats in unique and sacred locations. Healing is her calling and she has the distinct ability to see and feel beyond the physical and into the invisible worlds.

She currently resides on her beautiful ranch in the Okanagan surrounded by her family of horses who are energy healers and spiritual warriors themselves. They are inspired by Marijke’s work as a healer, connecting with higher levels of consciousness, and drumming under the full moon. Marijke aspires to help make the world a more compassionate, kind, and loving place for all sentient beings.

“Marijke’s Healing Spirit awakens the essence that resides within each one of us
 – animal or human – the heart of which connects
 and aligns us with the greater spirit that heals all”

What to Expect

This is a safe, very supportive and non-judgemental space where everyone benefits from personal journeys and energy healings. It is a sacred and positive environment filled with light, love, and fun – the Universe is a very joyful place. Consider this your space where Divine Design has created the perfect setting and activities for an experience that is just right for you.

Expect a high-vibe event that is unforgettable.

Getting to Galiano Island

Travel is easy and convenient. There are ferries from both Victoria and Vancouver (takes one hour) which dock within a few minutes walking distance from the Galiano Inn & Retreat Centre. Check the schedules with B.C. Ferries and if you plan on driving from Vancouver you may want to make reservations. Vehicle reservations for the Victoria route are not available. Or, you may want to leave your car behind and travel as a foot passenger. You can also take a scenic 15 minute float plane from the south terminal at the Vancouver International Airport. Too much to carry for the short walk from the ferry dock? We will come and pick you up and bring you right to your room.

Be sure to reserve a little time for shopping, Galiano Island boasts the highest percentage of artists per capita in all of B.C. with internationally acclaimed and collected arts & crafts. There are no banks on the Island but there are several ATM’s.


There are three different choices of rooms:



Oceanfront Queen Room with one Queen Bed.
$188 per night*

Oceanfront King Room with one King Bed. Two King Rooms have a sofa bed if required. $233 per night*

Oceanfront Bedroom Villa Suite – One Bedroom. Wood burning fireplace and an outdoor bath. $278 per night*

  • The Inn also has a spa offering a variety of different services. This retreat event is the real deal get-a-way with an exceptional environment for a retreat. Multiple lawn spaces, ocean and mountain views, beach access right from the front lawn, and a relaxed garden setting all create the best space for healing the body, mind, and soul.
  • Make sure to book your room in the Oceanfront Spa Suite Building #10. If we book all 10 rooms our Retreat group will have the entire building to ourselves including the oceanfront facing spa suite lawns where we are free to lounge, conduct our outdoor healing exercises, or enjoy a glass of organic wine.
  • *Our Retreat has been given special group pricing so be sure to let them know that you are part of the Retreat group when you reserve. Rates are based on double occupancy. An extra person in the room is $30 per night.

NOTE: RESERVE EARLY to get the room of your choice. Call the Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa: 1-877-530-3939

Eating Healthy

  • The Atrevida dining room will be open each day for dinner from 6:00 – 9:00 pm which features their regular a la carte menu.
  • The dining room is not open for breakfasts and lunches, but pre-arranged group meals can be organized for both breakfast and lunch if we have a minimum of 10 people.
  • There are several eateries within a 5 minute walk from the Inn where there are different meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Each room has a fridge where you can keep snacks and drinks. And retreat snacks (wheat and dairy free) will be available for you during our breaks. However, we are not permitted to eat our own food in our Healing Garden Room.
  • The Retreat Wrap-Up dinners are always a highlight. This one will be held on-site in the Atrevida dining room on Saturday night after our closing ceremony. So plan on staying overnight and departing on Sunday.


Retreat Registration Fee:

$995.00 + GST = $1,044.75

(Hotel accommodation and meals are not included.)

Your One Time Registration Fee includes the following:

  • Four full days of healings, ceremonies, meditations, music, dance, drumming, animal communication, rituals, a full moon ceremony, and spiritual journeys. Learn, enjoy and heal.
  • Individual attention and support on your journey of personal growth. Limited class size between 8-12 people.
  • Transportation from and to the Victoria airport or nearby airport hotels on Wednesday morning and Sunday morning.
  • Transportation to and from the Galiano Island ferry dock.
  • Extra-curricular activities or field trips that may be planned.
  • Snacks and refreshments including water will be available during breaks.

Register Today And Gift Yourself With an Extraordinary Healing Event!

After registering you will receive a complete information email including the Retreat hours and the “What To Bring” list.

Retreat Registration Fee Cancellation Policies:

Cancellations before February 01st, 2019 – 100% of fees paid refunded

Cancellations before February 20th, 2019 – 50% of fees paid refunded

Cancellations after March 01st, 2019 – No refunds (except for emergency cases)

Book Your Room

Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa

134 Madrona Drive, Galiano Island, B.C.


Make sure to book your room in the Oceanfront Spa Suite Building #10.

Benefits for Retreat Members

After participating in an Intuitive & Energy Healing Retreat you will automatically become a Retreat member and be welcomed into the Intuitive Healing Group Facebook page to meet like-minded people from around the world. By participating on the FB page you can continue your journey through conversations, interactive posts, and spiritual exercises.

Participants will also be offered on-going programs and an opportunity to continue their healing journey after the event by registering for scheduled Healing Webinars and Online Healing Groups which are only open to participants who have taken Marijke’s Workshops or Retreats.

In Love & Light