Free Online Healing Circles

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~ Connect ~ Communicate ~ Heal ~

Marijke will be facilitating a series of free and special online gatherings where we can come together to create a giant vortex of healing. We will generate amazing healing powers and radiate them out into the world for the good of all. It will touch the activities around the globe, our communities, our families, and ourselves. Healing energy is like a boomerang; what we send out, comes back. The healers are healed.

It has been said that we need a billion people on the Earth to engage in higher consciousness activities. Once we reach those numbers it will flip the switch from 3D existence to a 5D level of consciousness. This 5th level is a universal dimension of understanding, love, and compassion. Exactly what the Earth is needing now to heal herself and all of her inhabitants.

Our Healing Circles will use music, tuning forks, meditation, and special healing energies to create a sacred space, both in our hearts and in our group, from where peace, wisdom, and healing will be experienced by us, the people around us, and beyond.

The collective energy that is generated in a Healing Circle is very powerful and calls forth change wherever we intend the energy to go. The more participants the more amazing the results. Be sure to join us and experience this for yourself!

These sessions will be no longer than 20-30 minutes. Registration is required, and no recordings will be offered afterwards. These are live events only.


Monday, November 07, at 5:00 pm (PST)   Sign up here

Marijke is your facilitator – she is a highly respected healer, medical intuitive, and visionary with three decades of experience improving the lives of people and their animals. She aspires to help make the world a more compassionate, peaceful, and loving place for all sentient beings.


                                              …Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS