Most of us give ourselves gifts from time to time – something special that we have been wanting to buy or something special we have wanted to do for a long time. And when the time is right and we feel we deserve it we give ourselves these special things.
But how many of us, in our days full of tasks and distractions, stop to wonder what it would be like to give ourselves a real gift? And what would a real gift look like? Perhaps we could start by simply being kind to ourselves. But what, in fact, does being kind to ourselves look like?

Self-kindness simply means that we treat ourselves in the same way that we treat our favourite person(s) – be it a child, grandparent, other family member, friend, grocery boy or neighbour. That we give ourselves credit for the things that we have achieved. That we don’t take our past too seriously – unless we haven’t learned from it yet. That we simply just be who we are – instead of who we think we should be or who we think we need to be to look good. That we don’t tolerate anger, disrespect or abuse – providing that we are not disrespectful or abusive to others ourselves. Like begets like…

In fact, The Law of Attraction dictates that every single action that we partake in will be reflected back to us by the universe through people, places, things, and events. The more positive thoughts and activities that you put out there the more positive thoughts and events will come back to you. This is a universal law and there are no exceptions.

But while positive thoughts and attitudes can help shape our world there are some complexities; many of our negative thoughts and actions are hidden and have not been dealt with. And, it is these subconscious thoughts, conditioned behaviours, false belief systems, emotional addictions, or patterns buried in our DNA as junk that manipulate our lives. Like it or not we are on automatic pilot controlled by the steering wheels in our psyche that we don’t even know are there. And all the while we think our conscious decisions are in control. How wrong we are!

To heal and transform yourself you must bring back into the light all those layers that you have learned to ignore in the name of emotional survival. Depression, anxiety, grief, sadness, anger, bitterness, jealousy, fears, phobias, confusion, worry, or any other emotions that cause you stress, are a result of your shadow world. And it is in the light that you can identify, recognize, transform, and then fill or replace with the positive vibes that you do really want. Think of the mud at the bottom of a pond rising to the surface and transforming into a beautiful pink lotus which represents your new life.

Learn to paint a beautiful picture of yourself every day so that this is all that the universal mirror sees and returns to you the greatest gift of all…peace, joy, and love. Believe it or not, despite the bottom of the pond, it is who you truly are.
Schedule a health consultation, take in an Intuitive Healing Webinar, attend an Animal Communication Workshop or enjoy an Intuitive Healing Retreat. It is here that you will find yourself to attract into your life positive events, things, and people. Leave your past patterns behind and step into healthy relationships and unlimited abundance of wealth, health, and love.

Much love,

Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS
Medical Intuitive & Healer
Author & Educator
Retreat Facilitator

Marijke is an empath and gifted healer who has worked with people and animals around the world. It is her calling to help everyone – people and animals – deepen their connection to their Infinite Wisdom and Higher Selves.