Heal Your Story-Ponoka

“Heal Your Story”
An All-Inclusive Healing Retreat
At the 7 Stones Ranch
For 4 Full Days!
Wednesday, June 07 – Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dream your world into being at the 7 Stones Ranch in Ponoka, Alberta.

With her remarkable healing powers and gentle ways the Ranch Land will listen quietly for our arrival. When the birds signal our presence with song she will beckon us to come and walk softly across the meadowland and along the bubbling brooks while the leaves in the tall trees rustle and the wind whispers to our soul. She invites us to meditate, to communicate and to heal. She anticipates hearing all about our stories and how it is that we got to this place on the road. For four days we will hold sacred space within the special vortices here to allow Mother Earth to cradle us with love, support and wisdom while we reflect on her teachings. And during this time she will generate the perfect energies necessary for us to not only release what no longer serves us, but to also channel in our new stories through a sacred Vision Quest.

The 7 Stones Ranch is the perfect place to Heal Your Story

With its wide open spaces, blue horizons, starry nights and burning fires we have created the perfect environment for a Traditional Shamanic Healing Retreat. Enjoy healing and being healed in the 18 foot heated Tipi by the river. Release shadows, old emotions and toxic energies. Communicate and work with the Ranch Land Sacred Horses as they guide our journeys with their very special Equine Essence. Take your Spirit Animals on your Vision Quest so they can share their special powers with you. Drum the rhythms of the universal heart.

And just when you think the day has offered all that it can your body, mind and spirit will join together with the profound rhythms of Shamanic Tribal Music as we Trance Dance our way into our own souls.

“My favourite part of the course was the trance dance, I find myself closing my eyes and visualizing my experience again and again. Please let Marijke know what an impact this has made on my entire body and soul, all I can say is thank you to her.” …Cindy T.

And then the Fire Ceremony! Under the full moon on Friday night expect a powerful and spiritually moving ritual which will leave you in awe of how things really work.

Why Should You Be Here?

Experience unique Shamanic Healing Practices and profound personal healings guided by a Shamanic Retreat leader and healer with extensive experience and profound insights in all facets of healing.  Medicine bundles, soul retrievals, extractions, drumming circles, power animal journeys, sand paintings, guided meditations, and so much more…all while you “soul travel” to the invisible worlds and their many dimensions.

Join with other seekers in sacred spaces and places to share the lessons learned and the journeys flown through inspired Shamanistic Rituals and Rites.

Strengthen your connection to Source and to your Essential Self as we find and heal your lost soul pieces and return them to your heart.

By Leaving the Past Behind You Will…

Change any difficult situation happening in your life right now. Do this in 4 days rather than waiting for years…or maybe never at all!

Change your vibe so that you can attract new things, new jobs, new people, new relationships, excitement…instead of staying stuck in your old story which has now been re-told too many times.

Find peace with yourself and with your relationships.

“I think a lot of people are searching for healing in this world. I would like to let them know that we can heal and clear toxic patterns. This retreat helped me delete traumas from the past and set me on a new life path. Marijke is an amazing caring person, I truly am blessed to have participated in this course with her.”…Cindy T.

 Who Should Come?

Everyone is welcome!

  • Anyone who wants to heal old stories and move on to new beginnings.
  • People who are feeling stuck in a persistent situation from where they cannot find a life of freedom, happiness and joy.
  • Anyone wanting to rise above an ordinary life.
  • Spiritual seekers who wish to have a closer connection to Source and deepen their awareness of their relationship to spirit.
  • Beginners who are wanting to learn more about energy healing and traditional practices.
  • Holistic Practitioners of any therapy who would like to learn more or add Shamanic modalities to their practices.

“I highly recommend to all healers and animal care givers that you participate in one of Marijke’s retreats or workshops. A rare person who has the gift of combining the science and spiritual worlds the way Marijke does. I was honoured to be part of the ceremony and teachings and along the way re-awaken my own gifts. Best wishes from New Zealand. Ka kite ano (til we meet again) xox …Deborah

Your Retreat Facilitator
Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS
Health & Nutrition Specialist
Homeopathic Practitioner
Medical Intuitive & Healer
Shamanic Practitioner
Author & Educator

This Healing Retreat is facilitated by Marijke – she is a gifted and highly respected healer with 25 years of experience in private health practice, teaching workshops and seminars, and leading retreats. She is a caring and compassionate light-worker who has countless success cases to her credit. Her gift is to help people and animals find their way by rooting out the underlying cause of all unwellness – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. And her goal is to help make the world a more compassionate, kind and loving place. She is an author, an educator and a shaman with the distinct ability to see and feel beyond the physical and into the invisible worlds to identify those underlying energies, shadows, patterns, blocks and traumas that prevent us from fully living our lives.

“You definitely rocked my world” …Valerie D.

Read more: Marijke’s Bio

What to Expect

A safe, very supportive and non-judgemental environment where everyone benefits from individualized personal experiences. Consider this your space where the energies are created perfectly for your individual journey. This will be a unique, life-altering and unforgettable experience. But it is also a lot of fun. True healing work is positive and light-filled with lots of time for laughter (and a few tears too).

 You Won’t Have to Plan For Anything

Your meals, accommodations and rides are all done for you.

We will look after all of your details so that you can focus on YOU.

Where Will You Have Your Experience?

Deep in the heart of Central Alberta Ranch Country the 7 Stones Ranch with its unlimited space and meditative atmosphere will unwind our stories, send them to the light and then help us write our new life chapters. Oh and let’s be sure to make time to hit the outdoor heated swimming pool for daylight dips and swims under starlight. Maybe even a glass of bubbly to celebrate our new happily ever after. Bring your bathing suit!

Benefits For “Tribe” Members

After participating in a Retreat you will automatically become a Retreat Tribe member and be welcomed into the very active Shamanic Retreats Tribe Facebook page to meet like-minded people from around the world. By participating on the FB page you can continue your journey through conversations, Marijke’s regular and interactive posts, and spiritual exercises.

Tribe members will also be offered support programs and an opportunity to continue their healing journey after the event by registering for scheduled healing webinars with Marijke.

 Getting Here

The Ranch is located 34 km west of Ponoka, 66 km northwest of Red Deer and 84 km south of Edmonton. You can drive there or fly. If you are catching a plane we recommend that you fly into the Edmonton Airport which is 85 km North of the 7 Stones Ranch. Transportation to and from the Edmonton airport or the airport hotels (if you arrive the day before) will be provided on Wednesday morning, June 07  before noon and again on Sunday morning, June 10th. (Note: Calgary is over 200 km away – no airport transportation will be provided from Calgary.)

Specific directions will be included with your registration package.

If you arrive in the Central Alberta area on Wednesday morning and have a car be sure and check out the Ponoka Farmer’s Market 34 km on the other side of the highway. It’s on from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Wednesday mornings and offers over 85 tables of agricultural produce, home-baking, home-made goods, food and entertainment.


You will be staying at the Best Western Rimstone Ridge Hotel in a quiet and quaint little town called Rimbey – population 2,700. The Hotel is within walking distance to town and a 20 minute drive to the Retreat. Take time to visit the downtown PasKaPoo Historical Park – named for the Cree Indian Term meaning “Blindman River”.  The park also has a variety of museum buildings including a medical museum, a truck museum and a tractor museum. There are also a number of interesting carved trees there.

The Hotel offers a free hot breakfast every morning, it has a pool, a hot tub, exercise facilities and Wi-Fi. Each room is equipped with a fridge and microwave.

If you are without a vehicle don’t worry – we will provide a ride for you back and forth between the Retreat.

Bringing an RV? No problem – RV parking is available at the Ranch.

So What’s Included?

Your One Time Registration Fee will include the following:

  • Four full days of ceremonies, rituals, rites, traditions, meditations, music, dance, drumming, animal communication and Shamanic Healing Practices for you to learn, enjoy and heal.
  • Individual attention.
  • Transportation to and from the Edmonton airport.
  • Transportation to and from your Hotel.
  • Your accommodation for 4 nights stay (Wednesday night through to Sunday night) at the Best Western Rimstone Ridge Hotel in Rimbey.
  • All meals are included and served at the Ranch: 4 lunches (with one lake-side picnic lunch at a local Ranch), and 3 suppers.
  • A Saturday night wrap-up BBQ – Alberta Style! Lounge in the pool while you are waiting to be served.
  • Snacks and refreshments including water will be available at all times. All meals are wheat-free and dairy-free with vegetarian options available. Free Continental breakfasts are served at the hotel.

What Is Not Included

Only your flights are not included. You must arrange for your own return transportation from home to the Edmonton Airport or directly to the Ranch if driving.

Retreat Registration Fees

Double Occupancy – two queen beds shared with a retreat roommate = $2,095.00

Single Occupancy = $2,395.00

RV parking at the Ranch with electric hook-up and available water = $1,895.00


This is a rare opportunity to take your journey of
spiritual wellness and awareness with the
Pacha Mama (Mother Earth)
in a shamanic setting.
Blending Modern Energy Healing Techniques with
Ancient Shamanic Healing Practices
to bring you the healing experience of a lifetime.


The Wild Alberta Rose

Great Horned Owl
(Alberta’s Provincial Bird)

Great Horned Owl – Represents the mystery of magic, silent wisdom, prophecy and extraordinary vision. She is the feminine, the moon and the night.

Wild Rose – “For those who have surrendered to the struggle of life without complaint.” …Dr. Edward Bach. Addresses apathy, lack of ambition, fatigue and loss of motivation.


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