Healing Horses Their Way!

Healing Horses: Their Way! $24.95

“Every Horse Needs Their Owner to Read this Book”

Marijke van de Water has written an extraordinary horse health book based on two decades of experience as a gifted and compassionate health practitioner. This book is an incredible wealth of information on health, nutrition and healing written on a solid foundation of science, clinical practice, wisdom, knowledge, and intuition.  Marijke has years of success with thousands of horses, many of whom were considered untreatable. Nothing is missed in this book – it is comprehensive, thorough and contains cutting edge material on diet, feed and therapeutic nutrition. It is easy to read, easy to understand and written with exceptional clarity.

Learn about successful treatment programs for colic, cribbing, digestive problems, parasites, weight loss, weight gain, leaky gut, skin conditions, insect sensitivities, allergies, heaves, head shaking, hormonal and endocrine imbalances, anxiety, fatigue, and immune problems. There is extensive information on Marijke’s expertise with laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome including insulin resistance, EPSM and Cushing ’s syndrome. The reference chapter on Natural Treatment Programs is a user-friendly and thorough guide which you will refer to many times over.

This 2nd edition is up-dated with new information, current nutritional knowledge, organ function and physiology, and much, much more. A new chapter outlines each specific organ and body system, their related health problems and the most common nutrient deficiencies. It also describes the most beneficial supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies used to correct imbalances.

Healing Horses: Their Way! (2nd Edition)
Soft cover, 142 pp Sapphire Publishing 02 April 2012

What readers say:

“I tell everybody about you and I feel that anybody who owns a horse or runs a stable, needs to own your book. Thanks again for your knowledge. We truly appreciate it.”

“Marijke’s knowledge, her wisdom and her on-going quest to heal the horse is humbling.”

“Marijke is an astounding healer and educator with the distinct ability to communicate with the horse.”

“Marijke’s abilities as a medical intuitive are uncanny…her work is nothing short of remarkable – any animal or human under her care is very fortunate indeed!”

“You have plugged into that deeper level of healing that allopathic medicine doesn’t know about.”