Healing People: The Marijke Method

Healing People The Marijke Method $24.95

“Create Your Own Health Program”

  • Are you suffering from chronic or challenging health problems?
  • Have you been trying to feel better forever?
  • Would you like to know which diet works for you – what, why and for how long?
  • Would you like to know what foods are causing your symptoms?
  • Are you plagued with multiple food allergies and/or intolerances?
  • Would you like to know which body organs and systems need help?
  • Would you like to be able to identify your nutrient deficiencies?
  • Are your emotions affecting your physical health?
  • Are you confused as to which remedies, herbs and supplements to take?
  • Would you like to be well and stay well?

Healing People: The Marijke Method™ is an information packed and user-friendly read which breaks away from tradition and convention to give people the real and common sense facts on the relationship between nutrition and disease. It includes chapters on comprehensive nutrition information, body function, treatment of food allergies and intolerances, diets and cleanses, the practice of kinesiology, emotional influences, and a reference guide for a variety of health conditions with nutrition and natural medicine.

In her usual thorough style, Marijke has written a cutting edge and practical guide to clear up the confusion and improve your health. Based on a solid foundation of nutritional science, quantum physics and natural medicine she has blended her vast knowledge of health and healing with medical intuition and deep wisdom to help you easily recognize the real and underlying cause of all health problems. After years of extensive experience, and thousands of success cases she developed The Marijke Method™, a specialized kinesiology technique that shows the reader how to identify their problems and then correct them with a personal health program. The Marijke Method can be used by anyone and for anyone.

Healing People: The Marijke Method is written with a perfect blend of science and natural medicine. Combining knowledge, common-sense and medical intuition, ‘Healing People’ is a practical and user-friendly guide that really works! The Marijke Method has already helped thousands of people regain their health. Use Healing People: The Marijke Method as an incredible reference guide for yourself, your family and your friends.

What readers say:

“Hi Marijke – Just wanted to thank you for the book Healing People: The Marijke Method. I’m on page 55 and after I have read to the end, I will read it again. The information is great and so easy to understand. Thanks Again”

“I wanted to tell you that after seeing you for the second time my triglycerides went down, my liver function is better and my neuritis disappeared – none of which the doctors were having any success with.”

“It’s amazing how in just a few minutes Marijke knows where the problem is. It’s like magic.”