Health Consultations for Horses

A full horse health assessment is a complete evaluation of those factors that are affecting your horse’s health. Issues may include food allergies/intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, poor organ function, hormone imbalances, toxicity, leaky gut, vaccinosis, lifestyle problems, and emotional stressors. Once the causes have been identified, an individual and corrective health program with a complete and detailed written report is formulated. This may include diet and nutrition changes, herbal and homeopathic medicines, a change in horse-keeping practices, and intuitive communications.

Marijke works with all health conditions including digestive problems, colic, pain and inflammation, immune disorders, allergies, hormone imbalances, fatigue, behavioural problems, respiratory problems, skin conditions, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, and laminitis.

Marijke is able to help your horses no matter where they live since her services are also provided remotely. In fact, the majority of the horses that she works on are non-local. See the instructions below to get started.

“I want to thank you for your help with Nina who was Insulin Resistant, overweight, fatigued, and moody. She is now looking great! I’ve been riding her as often as I can, usually 2-3 times a week. I found really low sugar hay and of course we followed your supplement recommendations which helped to stabilize her mare hormones and improve her thyroid function.

I’m super pleased with her and so relieved. In addition to looking better, she seems much happier and is not as mean to the other horses. Even her feet look much better. I used to struggle to keep the thrush under control every year and it is very much better this year. The hind feet have become very concave and she lands heel first on her fronts, which really brings me joy! Of course I do give her a proper barefoot trim every 3-4 weeks. Anyway, thanks again.”

Wendy C. (Victoria, B.C.)

The Marijke Method ™

Marijke performs her health assessments based on her extensive knowledge of animals and her long-time experience in clinical practice for animals. During this time, she developed a specific technique of kinesiology or “energy testing” known as The Marijke Method ™ which can be used in person or remotely.

This technique is possible because of the electromagnetic field which surrounds all organs, body tissues, emotions and diseases. These fields are a fundamental force of nature and are a unique “fingerprint” for every animal and every person.

Book A Consultation For Your Horse

1. Purchase the Horse Health Consultation online below. You may also purchase the assessment by filling out your billing information on the  Intake Form.

2. Print off and complete the Horse Health Intake Form. Click Here. Send us the Intake Form by fax, mail, or scan and email.

3. Include 2 pictures of your horse – one fully body picture and one portrait picture which includes the face. Email or mail.

4. Local Barn Visits or Haul-Ins: $175.00 (Barn call mileage may be added for one-way travel depending on location.) Please call  250-546-0669 to schedule. 

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