Is your heart feeling bruised, vulnerable, torn, sad, broken, or closed?

When the heart is closed or damaged our lives become less meaningful, and our relationships are often unfulfilling. And we are no longer able to experience true joy. And yet, our subconscious wants to hold on to those old hurts and betrayals somehow believing that if we stay mad or sad, we have more control over the situation.

And because the heart sends the brain so many different messages, a closed heart also results in depression and anxiety. And it affects our memory, brain function, and sound decision making.


We can tell when our hearts are open because we feel more compassionate, more loving, more understanding, more confident, and less judgemental. And we have more energy.

An open heart sends coherent and positive vibes throughout the entire body, including all of our tissues and organs. In other words, an open-heart can heal our troubles at a very deep level, be they physical ailments or emotional problems.

Join Marijke for a 2-hour heart opening and healing session to diffuse old wounds, traumas, and emotional injuries. We will identify your old traumas, clear the debris, and initiate the flow of energetic forces to purify your heart.

We will connect with the Soul of our Heart, awaken it with sound therapy and music, invite Swallow Medicine to fill our hearts with freedom, and experience profound meditations to shift the heart’s energy field from confusion to coherence.

Join us on Friday, February 11th at 6:30 pm (Pacific time) for a 2-hour beautiful connection to the very core of your being



Your heart is the place of truth.

Marijke van de Water, B.Sc. DHMS

Health & Nutrition Specialist
Homeopathic Practitioner
Medical Intuitive & Healer
Author & Educator
Retreat Facilitator