Home & Land Clearings

Have you always wondered if the energies in your home, office, or land are adversely affecting your behaviour? Or perhaps the other people and animals in your life? Do disturbing events and situations keep happening that are seemingly out of your control?

Many people are rightfully concerned that their homes, buildings, or their land are affected or influenced by negative energies, ancestral histories, previous traumas or tragedies, curses, or other kinds of “psychic dirt”. But how can you be sure?

Marijke is able to assess the exact cause of these disturbances and can then clear the energies by cleansing the property, by healing the past, or by clearing the trauma and unrest from the people who live there.

Current residents can bring negative energies or unresolved traumas with them to the home and attract more of the same to them, or they can sometimes be attracted to the land because of the negative energies that are already there.

Like attracts like. In either case there are healings that need to be done to restore the peace.

Fee: Costs vary from $300 – $500 plus travel expense. Land and home clearings can take anywhere from 3-5 hours and can include healings on people, animals or entities. Group healings or special ceremonies may also be performed.

Please call or email for more information or to schedule a session: 250-546-0669 or connect@marijke.com

“One of my family members was certain that he saw an apparition in the corner of the basement several times. We didn’t know what to make of it and thought we were haunted! Marijke came out for the afternoon and soon identified what it was and why it was there. She did a family healing for us and there have been no sightings since! Thank you so much…”

Lani S.

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