Horse Consultations

There are certain times or situations when our horses can be challenged by health problems and symptoms that leave us scratching our heads and unable to find a solution. It often feels like you have tried everything and your horse isn’t getting any better. Health can be very complex sometimes and sick horses are a big worry. Or maybe you just need to know what your horses are lacking and would like to get them started on a practical, holistic, and effective health program that is customized just for them.

Marijke has worked on thousands of horses and provides a number of therapies to help get you and your horse back on the trail. She can identify the underlying causes and formulate natural health programs to provide the necessary help for digestive problems, colic, pain and inflammation, immune disorders, allergies, hormone imbalances, fatigue, behavioural problems, respiratory problems, skin conditions, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, and laminitis.

Health Consultations

Marijke provides a full horse health assessment which includes an evaluation of health, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle to determine those factors that are affecting your horse’s health. Issues may include food allergies/intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, poor organ function, toxicity, lifestyle problems, and emotional imbalances. Once the causes have been identified, an individual and corrective health program is formulated with a complete and detailed written report which outlines diet and nutrition changes, beneficial herbal and homeopathic medicines, horse-keeping practices, and intuitive communications.

Hair Analysis

A hair analysis is a scientific test which accurately measures the mineral content for over 30 different minerals in the hair using atomic absorption methods. Mineral content of the hair reflects the mineral content of the body’s tissues. It can also indicate whether that mineral is bioavailable to the cells and tissues.

Hoof Assessments

Are you unsure about whether or not your horse is receiving a suitable or an appropriate trim? Are you wondering if your horse’s hoof health is contributing to their chronic problems including laminitis? The majority of unsound horses are not receiving the appropriate hoof care or the correct trim that they need to recover. By arranging for a hoof assessment, Marijke will be able to assess the condition of your horse’s feet, determine which pathologies are present, and what kind of care they are needing to become sound again.

Parasite Assessments

Horse owners typically have a lot of questions about the best worming protocol to use for their horse and whether or not their current programs are working. Do I need to de-worm? What de-wormers should I use? Are my natural de-wormers doing the job? How often should I deworm? Does my horse have encysted parasites?

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