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Health Consultations

Many of us are now dealing with chronic illness or just simply feeling unwell. Why is this and what can we do about it? Our world has become a great wealth of information but how do we sort through it to find the answers we need to feel good again? Or perhaps you just want to know which foods you are reacting to and which nutrients you should be taking for optimum health.

Take the guesswork out by having Darla Cameron, DHHP do a complete assessment to determine the underlying causes of your health issues. Find out which foods you are sensitive to, which foods to incorporate into your healing journey, which nutrients are deficient, and if stress or emotional imbalances are stalling your progress to finally finding health and vitality. Any soul and spiritual meanings of your health issues will also be included to better understand your body’s messages. 

Hair Analysis

A hair analysis is a scientific test which accurately measures the mineral content for over 30 different minerals in the hair using atomic absorption methods. Mineral content of the hair reflects the mineral content of the body’s tissues. It can also indicate whether that mineral is bioavailable to the cells and tissues.

Home and Land Clearings

Have you always wondered if the energies in your home, office, or land are adversely affecting your behaviour? Or perhaps the other people and animals in your life? Do disturbing events and situations keep happening that are seemingly out of your control?

Many people are rightfully concerned that their homes, buildings, or their land are affected or influenced by negative energies, ancestral histories, previous traumas or tragedies, curses, or other kinds of “psychic dirt”. But how can you be sure?

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