Calm Your Spirit Online Session Video – Part 2


Calm Your Spirit

~ And Live in Peace ~

Do you spend your life worrying? Feeling anxious? Feel like you have no control over your life? Are your nerves shot?

There are two major reasons for anxiety:  1) Physical Health and 2) Emotional.

Physical: This session will cover how diet and nutrition and the link between your gut and your brain affects your brain and nerve function altering your thoughts, your behaviour, and your response to stress.

  • Learn to improve your nerve function with food, nutrition, and herbs.
  • Learn how fear and anxiety affects your organs causing illness and disease.

Emotional: Determine where your emotional health is at, and which emotional traits are most likely to cause fear-based behaviour and anxiety.

  • Replace fear-based behaviour with proactive thoughts.
  • Learn to be confidently optimistic and replace fear-based behaviour with proactive thinking.
  • Learn how to trust your inner guidance and connect with your Higher Self.

Enjoy healing meditations, music, and sound healing to inspire and promote renewed emotional health, happiness, and inner peace.

This is a comprehensive and highly informative online course that can help transform your happiness.