Heal Your Heart Online Session



Your heart is an amazing organ which has its own intelligence and its own soul. It hears and feels everything that you do, think, and feel. And so, it holds our fears, our grief, and our broken spirits. But it also experiences joy, gratitude, and love which are the emotions that we ultimately want to feed it.

But our hearts are often closed up and hardened over from past emotional traumas and long-time issues of pain, resentment, unforgiveness, or inability to overcome grief and loss. These unhealed issues eventually result in emotional despair, or physical issues such as poor blood circulation, hardened arteries, or congestive heart failure.

This online Healing Circle will re-open your heart so that you can move forward to experience love and emotional freedom once again. You will identify the shadows in your heart and enjoy healing meditations, swallow medicine, resonance, and sound healing with music and tuning forks.

“Thank you for the healing heart meditation, it really made my heart feel lighter so grateful for you!”             …J.V. (B.C.)

“I’m so blessed for your wisdom…you’ve changed my life in so many ways, words can’t describe the gratitude I have. You have been our angel. I always invite others to join the magic. Looking forward to your next online class, as always!”                      ….Mandy S. (B.C.)