Sacred Rituals For Animals Session



Sacred Rituals for Animals

Many cultures and societies have practiced traditional sacred rituals and death rites for their beloved animal companions since ancient times. The Buddhists, for example, have long considered animals as sentient beings (as do all animal lovers) and felt that animals had the same potential for rebirth as people do. They therefore practiced the same rituals and rites for their animals as on their people.

Other traditions found value in guarding or watching over the bodies of the deceased for both people and animals. Other cultures even buried themselves with their beloved animal companions. And even many animals in the animal kingdom itself are known to stand over one another at the time of death to pay their respects.

Somehow many of these important traditions were lost in modern North American culture. This is unfortunate, because when we don’t honour birth, death, and rebirth much of the sacred value is lost, and the departed spirits may not experience a smooth journey and/or they may not be able to detach themselves from the Earth plane. Or they may even stay attached for far too long. A lack of sacred rituals can also interfere with the destiny of reincarnation or the inability to release the spiritual consciousness from the reincarnation cycle.

Join Marijke to learn more about these inter-dimensional travels and rebirths and how to honour all of our animals no matter what the cause of death or the reason for passing.