An Intuitive & Energy Healing
Retreat – Level 1

Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa

Friday February 21st ~ 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Saturday February 22nd ~ 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sunday February 23rd ~ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

~ A Unique & Transformational Healing Retreat ~

This Healing Retreat creates a powerful spiritual vortex and healing space that provides participants with a unique and fascinating experience to connect with Source and heal the imbalances in their lives. With energy healing exercises, intuitive visions, and the wisdom of the Quantum Field you will access parts of yourself that you have never ever seen before. Whether it be past lives, emotional blockages, false belief systems, soul contracts, broken soul pieces, curses, or even parasitic entities many things in the invisible field relevant to you right now will be revealed. With uncanny intuitive skills and specialized techniques that she has developed over many years of healing events Marijke will help guide your journey so that you can create your own magic.

You will enhance your intuition and become a seer. You will deeply connect and communicate with yourself, each other, animals, other dimensions, and the loving forces and light beings that make it all possible. Know that the only thing that stands between you and the Creative Light is you.

“Be Your Own Medicine”


Why People Attend

They want to create a deeper connection with Source and experience the Light. It goes by many names – Divine Intelligence, Infinite Wisdom, Divine Light, All That Is, Pure Love, or the Universal Creator. Either way we are all inherently attracted to becoming one with The One. We know that the stronger our connection is the more complete we feel. This results in a life full of synchronicities and more happiness, health, abundance, and harmony. It is through our journey to the divine that we live a fuller life, love more unconditionally, and eventually create pure consciousness. And what a journey it is!

They are interested in learning all about energy healing, and how to access their own light body. They want to transcend their normal consciousness and explore the quantum field where they can experience other realities and dimensions to meet their guides, spirit animals, guardian angels, and their Higher Selves to hear what they have to say to them. In this way participants are empowered with their own experiences to become the best version of themselves.

They love animals and love talking to animals to hear what their beloved pets or wildlife have to share. They want to find and connect with their Power Animal, go on a journey, and hear their wisdom. Animal communication is a fun group experience with many surprises, but animal communication is also an important tool for self-healing.

“One of the signs that you are connecting with Source is when coincidence and synchronicity become part of your life.”


How Do We Make It All Happen?


We get there by raising our vibes to a new frequency. The higher the frequency the easier it is for the Light Beings and Divine Creation to find us and communicate with us. So many times we wait for the Light to find us, especially when we are in distress and at a low point in our lives. Unfortunately, this is exactly when the light does NOT and cannot find us.

The Light Body or Quantum Field surrounds our physical body and is made of light and vibration. It dwells outside of time in the Akashic Field but records all of our unhealed personal emotions, memories, other lives, traumas, and broken soul pieces, including those experiences of our ancestors that continue to affect us until we break the patterns. All of these records are known as imprints; imprints inform our physical DNA which then controls our thoughts, actions, and behaviours based on faulty information. This is why we find ourselves experiencing health issues, addictions, money problems, painful relationships, low self-esteem, family difficulties, and heartbreaking dramas. And unfortunately, all of this negativity, toxicity, and emotional distress keeps us in a low vibrational state separate from Source; Divine Light cannot find low vibrational states of being.

SO! We will enter into the quantum field, connect with our Innate, Higher, and Divine Selves and find the unwanted records of information in our light bodies and our DNA. Then we can either erase them or heal them, and then replace them with healthy and desirable experiences and potentials that already exist in the Akashic Field. But first we have to wake up to remember that our souls were once in a state of good health and perfection, and that it is still within our reach.

Then we can radiate a much lighter and higher vibration from within that will attract the light along with life-altering transformations to bring you closer to the joy and happiness that you have always known is right there inside of you.

What To Expect

Marijke’s Healing Retreats are a place of high vibration, sacred space, and a positive environment filled with light, love, and fun – the Universe is a very joyful place. Consider this your space where Divine Design has created the perfect time for you to have an experience that is just right for you.

 “When we become one with everything around us

and expand our consciousness into the field the results are astounding.”



Guided meditations, group healings, chakra work, sound healing, music, dance, drumming, animal communications, power animal journeys, soul retrievals, and inter-dimensional travel will lift your whole being to a new and permanent frequency.


“Heart-opening beyond my dreams. Greater appreciation for soul healing. Greater awareness of personal abilities to read energies. I have a huge feeling of gratitude for Marijke’s “Healing Way”.”

                                                                                                                                                           …Margie F.


Be With Us


Healing Retreats not only give us our own personal healing space away from it all, but they also allow us to join in with like-minded seekers in sacred spaces and places. Together we can strengthen our healing energy to raise each other’s consciousness, as well as the collective consciousness for the benefit of all. Never have we as a human race needed more help than we do now. With our new Retreat friends we can share our lessons learned and the journeys flown as we effectively explore new ways of healing ourselves, each other, our local communities, and the world.



Come Together

Everyone Is Welcome

Level I doesn’t require any prerequisites and is perfect for:

  • Anyone wanting to explore their spiritual side.
  • Anyone seeking a deeper connection to the Light.
  • Anyone who is long overdue for a spiritual getaway.
  • Anyone who feels stuck and would like to make a change in their lives.
  • Anyone who has lost themselves through relationships, family dynamics, religion, unhealthy habits, or poor health.
  • Healers who need a healing.
  • Past Participants – every Retreat is unique.
  • Anyone who believes that it is possible to co-create unlimited possibilities.


What is Co-creation? It means to open your heart, surrender, and allow

sacred forces that are greater than you to flow through your inner being.

 Divine Light is more than happy to help you design your life in a way that is best for you.

All you have to do is know what you want and set your intentions.”        …Marijke 

Your Retreat Facilitator                     


Marijke is a gifted and highly respected healer and visionary with over 25 years of experience in private practice for both people and for all animals. She has taught hundreds of workshops, seminars, and retreats and loves to facilitate transformational   and spiritual healing retreat in unique and sacred locations. Healing is Marijke’s calling and she has the distinct ability to see and feel beyond the physical and into the invisible worlds.

 She currently resides on her beautiful ranch in the North Okanagan surrounded by her family of horses who are energy healers and spiritual warriors in their own right. They are inspired by Marijke’s work as a healer as she meets with them in the higher dimensions while drumming under the full moon. Marijke aspires to help make the world a more compassionate, kind, and loving place for all sentient beings.


  Marijke van de Water, B.Sc, DHMS              


  • Health & Nutrition Specialist
  • Homeopathic Practitioner
  • Medical Intuitive & Energy Healer
  • Author & Educator
  • Lover of Life & Light

Where Are We Going?

This event will be held at the luxurious Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa right on a secluded stretch of Okanagan Lake with beautiful views of the lake and the Okanagan Valley. The rooms are spectacular as are the grounds and the facilities. Every room comes with a full kitchen, dinette, living room with fireplace, and full bathroom with soaker tub. You can also choose lake view, a patio, or a balcony. The room rates for our special healing event are beyond reasonable so come and spoil yourself.


“People asked me all about my retreat experience but words cannot describe it.

No one can really know what this event is really like without experiencing it themselves.

All I can say is that I am now not only deeply connected but my heart is healed too.

Thank you for teaching and sharing the things that you know and see.

                                                …Michael G. (Vancouver, B.C.)


Retreat Registration Fee:

Before January 15th – $695.00 (+ 5% GST) = $729.75

After January 15th – $749.95 (+ 5% GST) = $787.44

(Hotel accommodation and meals are not included in the Registration Fee. Please reserve your accommodation.)

Your One Time Registration Fee includes the following:

  • Three days of retreat facilitation
  • Individual attention and support on your journey of enlightenment.
  • Snacks and refreshments.
  • Exclusive FB group page

Gift Yourself With an Extraordinary Healing Event! 

OR, call or email for more information or to register. Questions are welcome!


Marijke’s Intuitive Healing Services

Phone: 1-800-405-6643



*After registering you will receive a complete information email including the Retreat hours, food choices, and the “What To Bring” list.


Book Your Room!

Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa

13011 Lakeshore Drive S,

Summerland, B.C.   V0H 1Z1



Group Name: Marijke’s Intuitive Healing Services


There are four different choices of rooms:



Studio Bluff (hillside). Sleeps 2


One bedroom Bluff (hillside). Sleeps 4


One bedroom lake view. Sleeps 4


Two bedroom lake view. Sleeps 6