What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a type of muscle testing or energy testing used to evaluate health status as well as the energetic response by the person to specific foods, remedies, supplements, or other substances. It can also be used to test different body functions and body systems including organs. Muscle testing babies or animals is conducted by using a surrogate, i.e. another person whose arm strength is tested by the person doing the testing while both persons are touching the animal to complete the circuit.

How Does It Work?

When certain foods, nutrients, or other substances touch a subject’s body, the energy field will either stay neutral, weaken, or gain strength. This is determined by how strong the surrogate’s arm muscles are when pressure is applied at the same time that the substance is held close to the body. A weak response means that the food or substance is not helpful or beneficial, a strong response means that it is beneficial, and a neutral response (where the arm strength doesn’t change) means that it is neither good nor bad.

Energy testing is made possible by the understanding that anatomical body parts and systems including connective tissue, blood, the nervous system, the immune system, and all body organs are surrounded by an electromagnetic or energy field. This field is a fundamental force of nature. It is a physical field that is produced by electrically charged particles and is a combination of an electric field and a magnetic field. The interaction between these two fields is mediated by units of light: these photons and the fields themselves are subject to a number of variables that can and do induce change.

This energy field, when seen as a whole, surrounding a living organism (or an inanimate object for that matter), is commonly known as the aura. An aura surrounds every living thing, including all body systems and organs. When physical, mental or emotional health problems develop within these areas, the energy field becomes impeded and blocked and experiences a break in intercellular communications.

Muscle testing opens a pathway of communication between the body’s energy field(s) and the practitioner. Therefore, when testing specific substances, kinesiology works by checking the resonance of a particular substance, remedy, vitamin, or food against the resonance of the subject’s electrical field. And when the two electrical fields (subject and substance) are disharmonic or dissonant (not beneficial), the muscle or surrogate muscle being tested will feel weaker. When the resonance is neutral, the muscle strength won’t change. When the resonance is harmonic, indicating benefit, the surrogate muscle will feel stronger and have more resistance. For example: if Vitamin C is going to be helpful for the immune system, then holding Vitamin C close to the body will make the arm or surrogate arm very strong.

A weakness, blockage or sensitivity will show up as a weak muscle test. A weak and toxic liver for example will have a disturbed flow of energy that will, when touched, create an immediate weak response throughout the entire energy field, including the muscle being tested.

Why Use Kinesiology?

Experienced kinesiologists can use muscle testing to “read” or “track” the body and many of its functions. It enables us to identify energy fields that are blocked or dysfunctional, to identify the underlying cause, and to then assess what is necessary to correct the imbalance.

Underlying causes can include nutrient deficiencies and excesses, dietary indiscretions, toxins, organ stress, past injuries, shock, trauma and/or emotions. Kinesiology is often capable of detecting problem areas long before they are found with conventional medical tests. That is because all imbalances first manifest themselves in the energy or vibratory field before they manifest as physical problems.

Kinesiology therefore, is a very valuable tool to identify food intolerances as well as remedies and supplements that are of benefit.

Remote Testing

Kinesiology can be performed with a person or animal in-office or at a distance, known as remote testing. Remote testing is possible because the electromagnetic field is a world of light and information unbound by space and time. Matter is just light and information that our intentions have the power to change no matter where in the world you are.

Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS
Medical Intuitive & Healer
Author & Educator
Retreat Facilitator

Marijke is an empath and gifted healer who has worked with people and animals around the world. It is her calling to help everyone – people and animals – deepen their connection to their Infinite Wisdom and Higher Selves.